Conversatin Collective Raffle #7

Conversatin' Collective

In 1976, painter Arnulf Rainer  (1929–) created a series of works which were responses to Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s  (1736–1783) sculptures. Rainer called them “Conversations” with Messerschmidt.

Conversatin’ Projects is an homage to that series and a continuation of their idea. Essentially, it is about collaboration & the sharing of ideas with people who are having similar conversations in their work. Conversatin Projects is a curated collection of conversations between Brett Amory, Shaun Roberts, Lucien Shapiro, and Derek Weisberg that began in 2013 and continues to the present.

Conversatin' Collective is back with Raffle #7 featuring new original work by Oakland based member Brett Amory benefiting Creative Growth. Enter the raffle by donating to Creative Growth and email Conversatin Projects a screenshot of your receipt. Every multiple of $20 gets you an extra ticket. The raffle ends November 9th. Stay safe and healthy during these interesting times. Thank you for your support.

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