Making Simple Sublime

Making Simple Sublime is an uncanny exploration of an artist studio/domestic space that blurs the boundary between art and life. Thoroughly self-referential, the doubling of rooms thematize the domestic act of inhabiting space and confinement to a particular place. The copied rooms confirm what is already present and what is present gets repeated, adding new and unexpected layers of meaning. The phenomena of imitation evoke the familiarity of self-evident routines, the banality of everyday life and compels a reassessment of perceptual boundaries. The constant dialogue between expectation and observation is illustrated in the middle section where the viewer finds oneself in a room with fragmented mirrors. Here the disjointed walls break up the reflective space creating a disembodied experience mirroring both the viewer and their surroundings where the viewer perceive themselves perceiving. Within the disjointed perception the viewer shifts from being a passive observer to an active participant and finds himself/herself as an added component of the work. This sort of phenomenological framework has the ability to bring awareness to the senses, modes of observation, and the connection between memory and place.

Photo and Video Credit: Shaun Roberts

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